“Method” – your informational department

In the world of an overabundance of information, it is difficult to identify really significant events, assess real trends in public opinion and not fall into the trap of post-truth. This expands the possibilities for manipulating target audiences and narrows the knowledge base for making quality decisions. In order to minimize the consequences of this phenomenon, not only be present, but also freely navigate in the information flow, the “Method“.

Comfortable informing

The client gets access to a mobile application, which has already collected a digest of key events in the information space as of this particular minute. This saves time and allows you to be aware of what is happening in the region of interest, the economic sector, the political segment.

News Concierge

A complete slice of news on predefined topics and headings. All incoming information has already been systematised. It is accompanied by expert opinions, on the basis of which it is possible to predict the development of the situation and the consequences of certain decisions of the client.


Tracking all mentions of a person, organization, brand. Monitoring includes constantly updated statistics of media displays, which allows you to quickly respond to the situation and make adjustments to the course of information campaigns.

Analytical report

Conducting a detailed audit of the information space. An analytical report consists of an assessment of not only quantitative indicators, but also a pool of sources, sentiment of references, frequency of occurrence, geography of distribution, etc.

Who needs the “Method”?


Method” for entrepreneurs is a simple, convenient format for efficiently working with the required data. For them «Method» is a comfortable base of key events for making the right decisions in a timely manner.


For politicians “Method” provides the most complete “feedback” with the electorate and other target audiences in real time.

PR community

For communications specialists “Method” provides the necessary data for the optimization and correction of existing information strategies.


Method” – is a personal remote expert that uses proven algorithms and focuses the expertise of dozens of information professionals into a convenient and reliable product.